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Love Graphics
Freebies and more!
25th-Nov-2006 12:03 am - Makers wanted!
If you know anyone interested in being a maker, please have them comment here with examples!

I may accept you on a trial basis. If you need help with graphics, I am more than willing to help you.

If you refer someone that is accepted as a maker, I will give you five custom icons! Thanks!! Comments are screened. :D
19th-Jan-2006 05:42 pm - How to Credit
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Are you confused on how to credit? This is an easy way to credit the graphics made for you by the lovely makers at love_graphics. Just put whatever you want to name the icon in the keywords, and then put the name of the maker, followed by love_graphics in the comment area. Thanks!
4th-Aug-2005 11:21 pm(no subject)
Here are some examples of my work:

My ExamplesCollapse )

If you are interested in being on my unlimited list, please email me at drivenbyloveATgmail.com. Thanks! ♥
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